Antique Back and Front Bar from Lincoln Nebraska Circa 1890's.  Refinished and Rewired This is a beautiful bar!  $58,800.00


Mission Oak Back Bar from Paxico, Kansas. Circa 1903.  This is a very nice Back Bar that wont last long at this price.  7'5" Tall, 8'6" Long, 18"Deep 12,800.00



Antique Oak Back and Front Bar 1900's from Tucson, Arizona.  Original Leaded glass, brass light fixtures, and original mirror. It does include a brass foot rail ,  This bar measures 9'10" Tall, 17.5" Deep, 12'4" Long. $48,950.00




Antique Oak Front and Back Bar from Cripple Creek Saloon 1890's This is a very cool bar with great known history from the Beaumont Saloon in Cripple Creek, Colorado! Front bar is being refinished now and we will have more photos when done.  The bar is 10'3" tall 24" deep and 20' long


This Mahogany (Front) and back bar from New Orleans, LA. was made by Rothchild.  This bar is very unique with onyx columns, stained leaded glass and unusual concave crown to accommodate the original multi light chandelier. 14ft wide, 8ft 10in tall, 21 inches deep $48,000.00 OBO Front bar is being refinished.




The Al Capone Bar
The newest addition to the store! Our very own Al Capone Bar from Chicago, IL!
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Front and Back Bar from Glassco, KS

Fantastic bar perfect for your home or business!

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East Lake Back Bar


East Lake back bar from the 1880's has a lot of carved detail.


If you have any questions feel free to e-mail or call 3o3.9o8.9114


8'3" wide

9'2" Tall

17.5" deep






Mahogany back bar from Tucson, AZ Circa 1890


This mahogany back bar makes a very unique statement with its size, color and design with the gorgeous columns. Originally from Tucson, Arizona circa 1890's. All three mirrors, lighting fixtures and the counter top have been replaced.  it is If you have any questions or need a shipping quote feel free to e-mail or  call  Ken 303-908-9114



17'2.5" wide

10' tall        

19.25" deep


Deadwood Back Bar


A brief bit of history about the bar from the previous owners:   This is an 1877(?) Brunswick bar thought to have traveled to Deadwood, SD around 1879 on a bull train from the Brunswick Company in Chicago, IL. It took up residence in several bars in Deadwood but the most popular was the Wild Bill Bar. It was moved to Rockerville, SD in the mid 1900s. When the town went bankrupt in 1990, Deadwood  Saloon purchased the bar and moved it to its current location. Its sister-bar, rumored to have been owned by Buffalo Bill Cody, is located in the Irma Hotel in Cody, WY.   We purchased the Bar in Deadwood, SD in 2015.   The original Buffalo Crown was removed and lost years ago. The crown was remade and the Buffalo Head was cast to bring it back, as close as possible, to its original historical accuracy.   The Buffalo Head (we were told) is an original casting from one of the locomotives that met at Promotory, Utah in 1877 that was part of the transcontinental railroad.  A good story but we are unable to verify it. The  Buffalo Head came from Oklahoma Casting in Ponca City, OK. 




12'1" tall

20' long


If you have any questions, or need a shipping install quote, please email or call Ken 303-908-9114





    SOLD !

Oak Back & Front Bar with 4 copper clad corinthian columns w/original lead glass


Oak back & front bar with 4 copper clad Corinthian columns with original lead stained glass ovals. Front bar curves out with carved supports. The round light fixtures on the sides have replaced as well as the center one that is old and reconditioned. all mirrors have been replaced. This bar is reputed to come from an fancy lady's house in Austin Texas


If you need a shipping quote ore have any questions feel free to email or call Ken 303.908.9114                                                              



back bar: 9'10" tall

11'11" wide

22" deep at crown

front bar:

29 1/2" deep

45 1/2" tall

12'3 1/2" Long


Oak Back Bar, kitchen, dining room, built-in, kitchen cabinet, dining room hutch


Oak Back Bar, kitchen, dining room, built-in, kitchen cabinet, dining room hutch. Very fancy with nice quartersawn oak.  Quartersawn oak was a key feature of the decorative style of the American Arts and Crafts movement, particularly the work of Gustav Stickley, who said "The quartersawing method of cutting... renders quartersawn oak structurally stronger, also finer in grain, and, as shown before, less liable to warp and check than when sawn in any other way." Cheaper copies of Stickley's furniture were sometimes made with the less-expensive ash stained to resemble oak, but it can be identified by its lack of rays.[5] Amish Direct Furniture. Retrieved 2013-08-09. This piece is from a very fancy Victorian house in St. Louis, MO.                                                                                                  

If you have any questions or need a shipping quote please e-mail  or call Ken 303-908-9114                                                                


7'  wide at crown

8'2" tall 




Antique back bar Brunswick style from Benton Harbor Michigan beach pub


This antique back bar came from a beach pub in Benton Harbor Michigan. It was styled after the famous Brunswick back bars of the time. 

This bar was refinished approximately 20 years ago.


If you have any questions please email or call Ken 303-908-9114 




9'6" tall

13'11" long

16" deep




Front and Back Bar from Boston, MA

Absolutely beautiful bar perfect for your home or business!


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Antique Back and
Front Bar from 'Anaconda, Montana'

This is a very unique carved bar, from Circa 1880's, with faces in the columns and on the front pilisters of the front bar. The front also has an unusual bar rail held up with brass/nickel plated supports.


This bar was most likely made from Brunswick. 

if you have any questions please feel free to e-mail or call. Thank you, Ken -    303-908-9114




Front Bar:

15' 7" wide

44" tall

32" deep


Back Bar:

13' 3" wide 

9' 7" tall

20 " deep



Brunswick back bar with front bar and side cabinets


This is a 1890's to 1900's Brunswick Back Bar and Front Bar with two Back Bar side cabinets. This was in the Denver Subway Tavern at 38th and Lapan Street. It has been completely refinished and is ready for your home or bar.


If you have any questions or need more photo's please call Ken at 303-908-9114. Thank You.                                                  



The Back Bar is:

20 feet wide 

10 feet 9 1/2 inches tall

2 feet deep 


The Front Bar is:

22 feet 7 1/2 inches long

47 inches tall

31 3/4 inches deep


The left side bar is:

9 feet 2 inches tall 

5 feet wide at the crown 

22 inches deep at the crown 


The right side bar is:

9 feet 3 inches tall 

5 feet wide at the crown 

22 inches deep at the crown



Texas Back Bar


This is a beautiful Cowboy Back Bar from Ft. Worth Texas.  (The Stock Yard Area).


This Bar came out of a high end retail western gift  and art  shop in Ft. Worth Texas.

The owner had purchased it from its original owner years earlier and had it restored.


The Leaded Glass Long Horns are not original to the piece but sure tell the story of where it came from. 

The mirrors have also been replaced.


A Front Bar can be created (from old quarter sawn wood) to match.  (At an additional cost).

if you have any questions please feel free to e-mail or call. Thank you, Ken -    303-908-9114


Front and Back Bar from Lincoln, NE

Beautiful bar perfect for your home or business!

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